Get back to yourself.

Living in a state of dysregulation and stress? Time with horses and nature helps regulate your nervous system so you can hear your own wisdom and return full circle to your power.

The Restorative Power Of Horses

Equine guided education is a non-traditional healing experience that combines equine interactions, somatic (body-based) activities, and self-reflection. EGE sessions provide a safe space for healing, refreshment, and self-care in a private setting.

Chelle EGE sessions can include time with a single horse or multiple horses:

  • Observing horses
  • Grooming horses
  • Leading horse in hand
  • Paddock sessions with horses
  • Walking the conservation grounds with a horse
  • Mounted meditation atop a horse

In essence, horses meet you where you’re at, matching your inner energy with theirs. They do this without judgment, teaching us how to come home and reconnect to our our own body, mind and spirit.  As an equine guided educator, Michelle is equipped to facilitate your experience, to ensure safe interactions during sessions.

A healing journey guided by your needs

Free initial consultation

Before a session starts on the ground, a phone or Zoom meet-and-greet with Michelle helps you both understand your wellness goals.

Flexible sessions responsive to your needs

Say yes only to activities you feel safe and comfortable trying.

Sliding scale fees

Cost shouldn’t hinder self-care. Chelle EGE offers fees tailored to what you can afford.

Supportive guidance, not fast formulas

Michelle is not a therapist but the facilitator for your equine guided journey.

No horse experience needed

EGE is designed to help everyone, even if you’re new to horses. You will be engaging with the horses on the farm so no need to trailer yours in either.

Non-judgemental listening and acceptance

Horses accept your emotions as they are and respond with non-judgmental feedback.