and a horse named Hot Shot.

Comfort in difficult times

The healing power of horses has threaded through Michelle’s life since she was a young girl. Growing up in a turbulent household, her first horse, Hot Shot, brought her the companionship, safety, and comfort that she lacked. Unfortunately, Michelle didn’t own Hot Shot, as a minor and her beloved refuge was shuffled elsewhere.

But that wasn’t the end of their relationship. Many years later, Michelle was juggling parenthood with three young daughters and Hot Shot came back into her life, bringing healing and blessing once again.

“He helped me find the young, playful me that was tarnished and lost. And he was so gentle with our daughters, carrying them around on his back so softly,” recalls Michelle.

Letting go

Hot Shot lived to age 33, around the same time Michelle began dealing with an undiagnosed health issue. She was unable to navigate life, raise her energetic daughters, and manage a horse farm without weekly medical interventions. Her debilitating fatigue finally led to her giving up her farm and moving to the suburbs. But Michelle never forgot the healing and safety Hot Shot and the land had provided.

Like all of us, Michelle is a work in progress. She finds growth and healing from going to her own EGE sessions regularly.

Paying it forward

While facilitating a healing group for a human trafficking organization, Michelle recalled Hot Shot’s healing qualities and an interest in equine therapies sparked to life. She was eager to bring the healing spirit of horses to others in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Michelle’s journey allows her to surround clients with empathy and kindness. And it’s in this accepting space that transformation can happen.

About Atohallan Farm and the Caledonia Conservancy

Open year-round, the Racine, WI horse farm and the adjacent Caledonia Conservancy grounds offer serenity for Chelle EGE experiences.

Atohallan Farm is the first connecting point for your horse guided sessions while Caledonia’s pine groves, open fields, and peaceful river are perfect for calming the soul.