Finding freedom and clarity through horse guided healing.

Horses have an otherworldly attunement to what you hold inside — from your contentment and joy to your pain and doubts.

If you want to resolve issues that hold you back, equine guided education experiences can foster transformation, equipping you to move forward unburdened.

Connecting to your center

Time spent with horses and nature soothes the nervous system — a supported mind and body is the first step in change from within. In  nature’s tranquility, the healing spirit of horses: connect to your senses and pursue wellness

Equine guided education can help you:

  • Let go of stress and overwhelm
  • Find the courage to take next steps in big life decisions
  • Address traumatic experiences where talk therapy hasn’t succeeded
  • Get “unstuck” from issues in your life
  • Uncover “what’s wrong” and have the insight to work on it
  • Release your creativity
  • Move through life with more joy and resilience


What to expect in equine-guided education (EGE) sessions

Chelle EGE sessions unfold at your pace, tailored to the alchemy between you and the horses you meet. Activities vary and can range from observing a herd to grooming to time on a horse in meditation.

It is the horse that guides you to a better understanding of yourself. Michelle facilitates your session, holding your journey of personal growth in a safe and confidential space.

A healing journey guided by your needs

Free initial session

Before sessions start on the ground, a phone or Zoom meet-and-greet with Michelle helps her understand your wellness goals.

Flexible sessions responsive to your needs

Say yes only to activities you feel comfortable trying.

Sliding scale fees

Cost shouldn’t hinder self-care. Chelle EGE offers fees tailored to what you can afford.

Supportive guidance, not fast formulas

Michelle isn’t a talk therapist but the facilitator for your equine guided journey.

No horse experience needed

EGE is designed to help everyone, even if you’re new to horses.

Non-judgemental listening and acceptance

Horses accept your emotions just as they are, grounding truth in a non-judgmental way.

Your EGE human support

Michelle Peterson is a certified Equine Guided Educator and brings a lifelong kinship with horses and her background in client care, support services, and trauma work. She also has firsthand experience with the healing presence of horses and wants others to know the same freedom.

In your EGE sessions, Michelle serves to help you through your equine led experiences. Once the horse who senses and responds to your energy comes forward, Michelle maintains a safe and accepting environment so you feel free to deepen your mind-body-spirit connection and reach inner rest.

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